Leaflet Owners Manual
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KV10++  Series agriculture drone  is Hexacopter drone manufactured  with high strength carbon fibers, impact-resistant molded materials and aerospace grade aluminium materials.


Structure Hexacopter body, durable body with cross folding structure
Return to Home Lost connectivity, Battery drained, Mission Complete
Tank Capacity 10 Litre
Maximum Takeoff Weight 25kg.
Diagonal Wheelbase of Frame 1407mm
Extended Size (L x B x H) 1495 * 1308 * 500mm
Folded (L x B x H) 945 * 848 * 500 mm
Maximum average Speed 6 mps
Maximum Flight Time on average 15 minutes (with payload)
Maximum Hovering Time on average 25 minutes (with payload)
Operaring Temperature Range -10°C ~ +55°C
Tank Volume 11 L
Maximum payload carrying capacity 10 kg
Material of Nozzles Palypropylene housing with Metal/Plastic/Ceramic tips
Maximum Spray Speed Per Nozzle 0.85 L/min (per nozzle for water)
Spray width 3.5 meters (4 nozzles, 1.5m - 2.5m above the crops)
Number of Pumps 1
Capacity 16000 mAh
Voltage 44.4 V
Type Lithium Polymer.
Charging Time 50 ~ 100 minutes (depends on charger)
Life Cycles Up to 200 Cycles
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