Power Reaper


This is by far the best reaper available in the country which can be used for efficient harvesting of paddy, wheat, barley, etc. It comes with a light-weight 2.5HP Honda GX 120 petrol engine with a reaping capability of half acre per hour. According to the SRFMTTI testing report it can substitute about 35-40 man-hours for harvesting one acre of land. This efficiency of the machine allows a farmer to recover his investment in less than a year. Due to its superior quality engine it has minimum vibration resulting in minimum grain loss.


Engine Model HONDA GX 120
Engine Type Four stroke , Single cylinder , Inclined Air cooled, Petrol Engine
Engine Power 2.7 HP @ 1800 rpm
No. of Gear speed 1 Forward + 1 Reverse Gear
Knives 24Nos. Top Serrated type
Weight 129 kg
Acre/hr. 0.5-0.6
Fuel Consumption (litre/hr) 0.7-0.75
Width of cut (feet) 4
Applicable Plant Height (feet) 2.4
Minimum Cutting Height (inch) 3.4
Harvest Losses (%) Pre Harvest loss : 0.03-0.06
Harvest Losses (%) Post Harvest loss: 0.02-0.13