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Introducing GPS based weeder tracking device, Shrachi FarMeter for our select weeders - an Industry first for power weeders across the country. Shrachi Agrimech, with its 30 years of experience, provides a wide range of crop-based agri-machinery solutions like Power Tiller, Weeder, Reaper and mechanised garden tools to small & marginal farmers, leading to sustainable farmer income.



  • Live Tracking
  • Geofence
  • 6 Months Record
  • Offline Reminders
  • Accurate Area Measurement
  • Easy Accounting
  • Tranparency in Information


  • Transparency in operation with on-demand/ live data is giving more confidence to farmers to rent their machines without worrying about loss.
  • Activity of the operator can be easily monitored by the buyer and seller of the service.
  • The machine-owner is now more confident to increase his fleet of weeders to maximise his business.
  • Similarly, farmers hiring the weeder are also getting proper pricing and paying for their exact use, leading to optimised agricultural income.
  • This is leading to a new confidence in Custom Hiring which basically translates into more farm power per hectare, contributing substantially to the growth of farm mechanization in the country.
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